PS2 - Boston City Data due Sept 21 before class

The final goal is to run an AWS node express web service that returns Boston city employees who earn more than $300000 We want you to learn how to debug so we will attack this problem in several parts. First running on our local machine with local data. Only when we have debugged our code will we push it to AWS.

Part 1 - First we get node to read a local file called bostonsmall.json.

Notice that we can read a file as a string. We use JSON.parse(str) to turn this into a JavaScript object.

Part 2 - Run a simple Web Server to host bostonsmall.json

In BostonCity run a Command window and do the following: You will now have a Web Server running on your machine Find the IP address of your machine Open a browser and enter URL http://localhost:8080/bostonsmall.json also substitute your IP for localhost to make sure its accessible.

Part 3 - We will run a node express server on port 9081 on your own machine to get the bostonsmall.json.

So now modify test.js so that when in your browser your type localhost:9081/mit you get the local file bostonsmall.json from your http-server web server. You'll need to change the options to the following:
var options = { host: 'localhost', port: 8080 path: '/bostonsmall.json' };

Part 4 using Part 3 return rows with salaries above 200000 (use data in row[18])

Part 5 Modify test.js to hit the Boston City Web Site

var options = { host: '', path: '/api/views/sx2i-td3j/rows.json' };
return only rows with salaries above 300000 How many people have salaries above 300000

Part 6 - Now run the same node express server on AWS so that we can hit the Boston City Web Site and get salaries above 300000